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Women Welders: Proportion of Women Under 5%

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Women Welders In the past, it was considered unthinkable that women worked as welders, the profession was considered a hard male domain. For many, the tone in factories or on construction sites was too harsh. But today it is different: There are more and more female welders and those who have some experience as a welder is in no way worse than men who practice the profession.

women welders
Women Welders

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Women Welders: Proportion of Women Under 5%

On the contrary: In some examinations of trainees, female participants perform significantly better than men. In Germany, there is still a shortage of skilled workers, so that women who learn the profession of welder have good chances of finding employment.

If you think about it soberly, there is no reason why a woman should not learn to weld. There is nothing about the profession that a woman cannot do.

Welders: Proportion of women often less than 5%

Depending on the source of the statistics, the proportion of women among welders in Germany is between 1.3 and 5%, which corresponds to 5% of female welders who have been recorded in the USA. Women still seem to be afraid of contact with the profession – or some employers seem to be afraid to hire a woman – although there is no reason for this.

What can a welder earn?

In the case of collectively agreed employers, the remuneration for trained welders in Germany is often between around 2,900 and 3,300 euros. That's more than some office workers or supermarket employees deserve. Nevertheless, many women still prefer to become hairdressers rather than women welders.

A lower secondary school leaving certificate is usually sufficient

In order to become a welder, you do not have to have a particularly good Abitur or meet a numerus clausus: A passed lower secondary school leaving certificate is usually sufficient as a prerequisite for training as a welder.

Welding license is coveted

Prospective welders can make various welding certificates, each of which can be learned in a few weeks of training, e.B. the qualification as a pipe welder or fall seam welder.

Training in welding is available e.B. from:

  • Technical Inspection Association – TÜV
  • Educational institutions of the German Association for Welding and Applied Processes – DVS
  • Qualified welders are always in demand

Welders and welders are always in demand as qualified specialists in Germany. There are hardly any unemployed women welders. In addition to a good education, experience and practice are also important, which you inevitably acquire over time.