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Home Styling Top 10 Decorating Tips: For a Fresh Look This Holiday Season

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Home is the most comfortable place to take a holiday after tired of activities, be it big or small. The size of the house is not a problem if the arrangement suits the items in it, for that we will present a Home Styling article for anada residence.

Home Styling Top 10 Decorating Tips: For a Fresh Look This Holiday Season

Home Styling Top 10 Decorating Tips  For a Fresh Look This Holiday Season

Home Styling

For a fresh look this holiday season, consider these Top 10 Decorating Tips:

1. Sophistication

Consistency of Color and/or Theme. For a sophisticated look, use a two-color palette. Traditional green and ivory look fantastic next to a mellow brick fireplace. Stars make a great recurring theme with star wreaths on the wall and star votives on the mantel.

2. Mix Fresh and Faux

Don't hesitate to mix faux greenery with fresh greenery. The centerpiece of a fresh garland can be a faux arrangement of silvery leaves and pinecones

3. Sparkle A-plenty

Sparkle is part of the fun of Christmas. Four elements of sparkle are mirrors, glass, candlelight, and beads. Mirrored trees, a beaded wreath, metallic candle holders, and glass containers filled with colorful balls all add pizzazz.

4. Highs and Lows of Decorating

Arrange elements at different heights to make an interesting and inviting display. Vary the sizes and shapes of similarly colored items

5. Personalize

Whether it's embroidered names or initial ornaments on the stockings or grandpa's handmade napkin holders on the Christmas Eve table, keep Christmas personal.

6. Begin at the Door

Set the scene for the holiday in the entryway. It doesn't take much-some greenery for the candle sconces, a beaded placemat to ground a group of gold candlesticks, some shiny votives and metallic trees-to create a welcoming entry.

7. Use What You Have

Dress the sideboard with red and green napkins or use one to cover the base of a small tree. An everyday tray can hold an assortment of vases in holiday colors.

8. Be Inventive

I have a glass terrarium that sits on my hearth and is frankly too heavy and awkward to move-so I just dress it up for the holidays. A beaded garland around the roof and a small poinsettia inside make the terrarium into a Christmas decoration.

9. Make It Quick

For quick pillows, use fusible web, ribbon, wool, and striped fabric. Most of the work can be done with an iron to create quick holiday accent pillows.

10. Light Up the Night

Put outside lights on timers so your house is all lit up when you come home.