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Manual Welding: Advantages You Should Know

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Manual Welding: Advantages You Should Know. Within metalworking, manual welding continues to be regarded as a proven process and is indispensable. The oldest process in the field of welding enjoys great popularity even in times of modernization and the use of innovative robots.

Manual Welding
Manual Welding

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Of course, this is due to the many advantages that manual welding (often called e-hand welding) offers. A delay is an extremely appealing quality that this traditional process brings with it.

But what about the other amenities? We will tell you this in more detail in the following article.

Flexibility As An Important Advantage in Manual Welding

Machines of today have a much greater need for equipment and are often considered not so flexible. Quite different is manual welding, which convinces precisely because of the wide range of applications.

So you can use it for almost all materials, it scores with high quality and the rod electrodes are available for almost all common types.

Due to the conditions and the welding points, the process is fascinating and therefore many companies still use it quite often, even in today's times.

Manual welding impresses especially outdoors

An immense advantage and for many even decisive: Manual welding scores points especially outdoors and is currently used on construction sites, during repairs or assembly. But companies also trust electrode manual welding in pipeline construction or steel construction.

In addition, you do not have to take any special measures. The welding process also achieves a good protective effect, which is the basis of successful welding.

Although many swear by robots and have replaced the process especially for repetitive work – in the past as well as today, the oldest process impresses with its productivity and excellent welding results.

Other advantages that should not be underestimated

Another advantage of the procedure is that you can use it in all imaginable positions. Although this always depends on the type of electrode, the process scores with a wide range of applications.

In addition, there is an additional advantage: manual welding enables high quality even in positions that are difficult to access. Wherever welding robots and other processes are not possible or do not achieve attractive quality, manual welding is an extremely attractive choice.

So if you want to play with the idea and reintegrate manual welding: Use high-quality equipment and take your time. It may take some time until the usual practice use looks every day again – this applies to experienced welders as well as to newcomers.