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7 Good Things About Hamsters

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7 Good Things About Hamsters. Happy Funny Companions! Did you know yet, that the benefits of keeping a hamster have a good effect on the owner? What are some? Read in full here!

Good Things About Hamsters
Good Things About Hamsters

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Are you planning to keep animals indoors? If so, one of the options—besides cats—can be a hamster.

This cute little animal can be a pain healer in the midst of your busy activities. Like a friend, you can invite him to play and take care of him with all your heart.

And apparently, there are many benefits of keeping a hamster that is good for the owner. What's the use of that? We have collected in full here!

7 Good Things About Hamsters

  • Can Be A Happy Partner

Like any other pet, hamsters are actually happy companions in the home.

You can watch it run left and right around the cage.

Especially if you complete the cage with a play area such as a spinning wheel.

Watching it sell out, puts you in a better mood!

  • Cages are Easy to Clean

Unlike cats, hamsters are the type of animal that has a small size.

Finally, when it comes to hamster care, he is easier for you to care for.

For example, a hamster cage is easy for you because it is not too big.

You also don't need to bother cleaning hamster droppings, because the dirt doesn't leave anywhere.

  • Not Noisy and Disturbing

The benefit of keeping a hamster next is that it is not too annoying and noisy.

That's because the hamster will carry out activities in the cage every day, so you don't bother to watch it every time.

In addition, hamsters are relatively quiet and not noisy animals.

Perfect for those of you who want to keep animals, but don't want to be disturbed by their activities.

  • Inexpensive Maintenance

Besides being easy, hamster care is quite cheap.

You will need to prepare the hamster's cage, sand, and toys at the very beginning.

  • Not Complicated to Clean

Reportedly, hamsters do not need you to clean using water.

Because, hamsters prefer to 'bath' using sand.

This is a certain advantage, because you are the owner, it will not be complicated.

  • Tired Release

For some people, unwinding in the middle of an activity is important.

Nach, hamsters can once be a pet to relieve your fatigue.

For example, when you come home from work, you take the time to play together.

Watching the activities of the cute animal, it is possible to make his tiredness at least disappear.

  • Can Be Trained To Be Tame

The first time you buy, the hamster may be a little aggressive.

But apparently, you can train these animals in such a way to be tame.

If it's tame, you can take him out of the cage, lo.

Regarding the steps to melt a hamster, there are many videos on youtube that explain it.

You just see the full steps there.

Loss of Keeping Hamsters

Apart from the benefits, there are also a number of disadvantages to keeping a hamster.

  • Short Age

Hamsters as animals have a relatively short lifespan.

Reportedly, the age of hamsters is only about 2 to three years.

  • Nocturnal

This might be a thought for you.

Because, hamsters are counted as animals that are active at night or nocturnal.

  • Can Carry Disease

Many young children want hamsters as pets.

But if not monitored directly, hamsters may become vectors of disease carriers.

Some diseases that are carried by hamsters are also not trivial.

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