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What Is Bim In Construction

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What is bim in construction ~ there are no consensus among the, scholars on what bim is and what bim is, not however the definitions offered for bim by scholars can be categorized into. three distinct perspectives the first, perspective is the technological tool, school of thoughts this perspective. Argues that bim is a disruptive technology in the construction industry.

What Is Bim In Construction
What Is Bim In Construction

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This school of thought sees bim as a software application or technological tool this school of thought describes, bim from the design team perspective by perceiving bim as a parametric tool in software or digital technologies for conceptualizing managing analyzing, manipulating optimizing and visualizing

Building design the perception of bim as a parametric tool implies that bim is an object-oriented design tool that enables the use of digital objects a library of digital building elements in design in place of symbols and lines since parametric tools, what is bim in construction.

Can be found in advanced computer-aided design software, technologies bim software technologies and for ir technologies this suggests, that the use of advanced computer-aided, design software technologies or bim, software technologies or parametric, digital technologies in a building, design process constitutes bim according to the technological tool school of thoughts the ideas that are central to the concept of bim include.

  • Number one

Bim is a technological or digital tool for modeling building information that is generating and storing digital models of building designs

  • Number two

Bim is not software in itself but an activity that depends on software applications and digital technologies.

  • Number three

The use of a software application or digital technology that is capable of 3d functionality but not having parametric tools nor supporting the use of intelligent objects in the production of a 3d digital model in a building design process does not constitute bim number four bim is the exploration of the built-in parametric tools and software applications and digital technologies.

  • Number five

Bim is a tool for visualizing and coordinating project design and avoiding design errors this school of thought suits the perception of designers that is architects and engineers about bim owing to their intensive use of technological tools however it provides a simplistic and counterproductive concept of bim, What Is Bim In Construction?

That denies the collaborative practices entrenched in bim and the needs of the construction industry for solutions to its numerous challenges such as fragmentation and professional stereotypes the second perspective is the collaborative process school of thought. 

What does BIM mean in construction? This school of thought considered bim as both an interoperable technological tool and an associated set of processes for producing communicating and analyzing building models the parameters provided by the collaborative process school of thought for understanding the concept of bim include number one bim is a process for authoring and documenting building information. 

  • Number two

Bim is a process that provides a framework for developing data rich information models and a framework that fosters the integration of information from conception to demolition of the project

  • number three

Bim is a collaborative environment that supports collaborative working from the inception to the operation of a project number four bim is a collaborative project delivery process that aims at integrating project participants construction systems. Contractual business structures and practices towards time savings cost savings and operational efficiency

  • Number five

 Bim is the conveyance of building information from the design phase throughout the building life cycle

  • Number six

Bim is a shared and integrated database for building information developed from a collaborative process and forming a reliable basis for decision making during the life cycle of a facility

  • Number seven

Bim is a set of associated processes of authoring integrating communicating analyzing and sharing project information

  • number eight

Bim is a collaborative platform for information and knowledge sharing among the project participants

  • Number nine

Bim is the process of developing and managing information flows through the interactions and roles of project participants 

  • Number ten

How is BIM used in construction? Bim is a process that relies on information rich models to help owners and professionals more efficiently plan design construct and manage building and infrastructure projects .

  • Number 11

Bim is a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a facility and a shared knowledge resources for information about a facility.

  • Number 12

Bim is a collaborative process that gives meaning to building information models through relationships the collaborative process school of thought describes bim from the perspective of both the design and construction teams.

These perspectives come with implications that will affect the choice of the procurement system project expectations and requirements and responsibilities of project team members the third perspective is the project management system school of thought this school of thought, conceptualized bim is a process that integrates technological tools with, technological managerial and collaborative aspects of project, management system for project delivery, according to the school of thought.

Bim is a related concept of technological tools for generating project data and information collaborative process for producing managing and making decisions on project data and information and management systems for organizing controlling and delivering projects.

With positive impacts on projects such as elimination of errors and omissions promotion of collaboration and visualization and enabling constructability reviews process integration and clash detection the underlying argument in the definitions provided by the project management, system school of thought is that bim provides technological tools together.

With the collaborative and integrative process hence this qualifies bim as a project management system this argument is an aggregation of the concepts that have been by the technological tool and collaborative process school of thoughts.

With an extension that pinpoints the objective of bim that is to resolve the challenges of project delivery in the construction industry additionally the explanations provided by the school of thought posit that design and construction, as well as the design team and construction team, must go hand in hand this represents a project management perspective indicating that bim applies to all project phases or life cycles and that all the project.

Team members and disciplines will find been useful for their work processes in essence the project management system view of bim is projecting the following ideas about bim number one bim becomes entirely a project delivery or management system when mandated by the client public or private or the project manager number two bim is a project management system because technology and process play a crucial role in project management and because a management system entails a combination of technology and process.

Number three bim has principles that affect contract conditions and contractual relationships among the project stakeholders this makes bim a whole new approach to construction project management number four bim is a set of interacting principles processes and technological tools that are essential for project delivery.

Number five bim is the new technological standard in construction information development the new efficiency standard in the construction process and the new performance standard for construction projects.

Number six bim is an innovative process and a technological tool that can be used in the management of construction projects this means that any technological tool that is useful in delivering project planning and design-related information allows integration of project information and allows collaboration on project information development is a bim tool.

Also any innovative process that enables integration and collaboration among construction project participants is a bim process the application of these tools and processes on a project is bim adoption or bim application and it indicates the utilization of bim in project delivery the major implication of the ideas about bim is put forward by the project management, school of thought is that bim qualifies as a project managementsystem.

Because of the usefulness of its tools and processes for project planning monitoring and control therefore if bim is a project management system then the application of bim on construction projects must provide solutions to all the construction project failure factors which will generate positive impacts on the project's performance.

What is bim in construction, Also bim as a project management system implies that the performance of bim, when applied to a project, will represent the performance of projects and the performance of project participants for a more detailed information on the concepts and theory of bim check out the book theory of bim an introduction.