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Lithium Mining: Interesting Facts About Projects In Indonesia That You Should Know

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Lithium Mining: Interesting Facts About Projects In Indonesia That You Should Know. Lithium mining projects are becoming an interesting issue in Indonesia. The reason is, the development of lithium can provide great benefits to the development of electric vehicles. According to the latest news, the project has signed a contract with the Indonesian government.

Lithium Mining: Interesting Facts About Projects In Indonesia That You Should Know
Lithium Mining

Factories Involved in Mining Projects

Until now there are only two companies that openly contract with Indonesia. The two companies are the battery building company Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. or CATL.

The company has agreed to cooperate with Inalum or MIND ID to manufacture and develop lithium batteries in Indonesia. In addition to CATL, another company that has also signed a contract with Indonesia is LG.

This large company from South Korea also intends to process the raw materials of this smartphone battery. It is likely that investors interested in lithium production and processing will be interested in investing in Indonesia. 

Potential of Indonesian Minerals

Indonesia does have the opportunity to cooperate with large overseas companies, especially related to lithium mining projects in Indonesia. It is estimated that, around 2023 - 2021, downstream development products such as nickel alloy to lithium batteries can be developed in Indonesia. 

Currently, Indonesian STATE-OWNED enterprises have prepared several nickel downstream project plans to be developed into batteries. There are several red plate companies that also joined, including PT Antam, PT Pertamina, and PT PLN. 

Lithium Factories in Indonesia

Lithium projects will be planned to run in Indonesia, but keep in mind Indonesia already has veteran players related to lithium management. This is seen with the existence of PT Nipress Tbk or NIPS, this company is famous for producing lithium batteries for various purposes.

In addition to lithium battery products, the company also provides the need for automotive production to the forklift. This can certainly be one of the interesting portfolios offered by Indonesia.

The lithium mining project is still a government plan, but the possibility of realization is no less high. Support from various parties is certainly needed to realize the plan.

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