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Website Search Engine Optimisation - Tips for Achieving the Highest Roi

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Website search engine optimization Tips for Achieving the Highest Roi. Hey friend, you are very lucky to have found this blog because here we will discuss because we know by knowing this internet-based business will maximize income. In the world of internet business, especially the world of the web, many people are vying for one goal, namely a higher position in search engines.

Website Search Engine Optimisation
Website Search Engine Optimisation

Website search engine optimization Tips for Achieving the Highest Roi

This is only natural because by being in the top position, we will get many possibilities to get visitors, which means that your business will have higher sales. But in fact, it's not about a ranking but the amount of traffic generated is organic or according to the customers you want or not.

Google designed the PPC engine as a powerful tool to use to develop various online marketing strategies so that you can get targeted customers. Tools like google trends or google keyword planner are among the best tools to determine which keyphrases or words or phrases users are searching for the most. The only drawback is that this tool can't tell you whether a certain phrase can generate a high return on investment for you.

Only in situations where you know what kind of conversion rate a certain phrase will offer you can an SEO campaign be profitable and beneficial in your business. Let's take a case in point: if you own a business related to camping equipment and if you search for the various phrases that have the highest number of searches related to your product, then you will find that the main keyword in the search engines is "camping".

This will be the main phrase targeted at those looking for camping gear. The question is: can "camping" provide a high ROI for your business? The answer is no and the reasons are stated as follows: With Keyword Phrases: camping

Search: 1,570 in a day on google search engine

Login link or login site number #1: 1,942

Number of site pages entered #1: 22,100

If a site has 100 more search results then for an estimated cost of $8,000 to $11,000. Next, you now consider the phrase with the keyword "camping equipment":

Keyword phrases: camping equipment

Search: 413 days in search engine

Login link or login site #1: 113

Number of pages or sites totaling #1: 164

The data will be more valid if the outgoing site has 50+ pages, then the estimated spend: $4,000-$5,500, this will vary as the competition progresses day by day.

Once you have this data, your next step is to test the phrases "camping equipment" and "camping" on the PPC engine.

Website search engine optimization, Ppc engines like ahref and Google offer more specific reporting tools that will help you or your website owner track the conversion rate of the phrases used. The downside that you should note in this tool is that in google or ahref you will pay $8.85 in one click to get the number 1 for "camping" or $3.90 to get number 1 for "camping equipment", this is an expensive deal.

But this is where you can find a secondary PPC engine to suit your business needs, are you interested?

Secondary PPC engines like google keyword planner present a testing ground for website owners who believe in choosing keyword phrases and you should give it a try. If you see a #1 rating for "camping" on Enhance Interactive, then you should be paying $0.19 per click and $0.29 for a click on "camping equipment".

When you're testing a keyword phrase on a secondary PPC engine, try to bid 1 or maybe try to be in the top three as far as the primary target phrase is concerned. Monitor your traffic and sales while keeping the site ranking constant for a few weeks at the top.

It's a good idea to observe after a few weeks, replacing the current phrase with the alternative phrase you provided earlier. Monitor your traffic and sales by paying attention to the data that appears. Once you've tested all the possible key phrases, you'll be in a better position to identify those that will give you the highest ROI.

Keep in mind there are many other factors that can affect the performance of certain key phrases. What you really need to consider is how much is your budget and how much you can earn per click, calculating all your income to be greater than capital.

If the choice of keywords you use is correct This will determine the number of sales that can be expected each day based on the key phrases you choose. Website search engine optimization if this promotional campaign pays off within 3 to 6 months it will be seen as a successful campaign, are you interested?

Prior to applying the phrases "camping" and "camping equipment" mentioned above to PPC engines, there are two reasons why "camping equipment" is expected to yield a higher ROI and from other still related keywords:

1. The competition for this one phrase will be much lower than “camping”

2. Since the phrase “camping” is more targeted, visitors looking for camping equipment need not be the only ones which mean you may get visitors interested in getting information about camping locations, camp types, etc. So if you use "camping gear," you'll find an audience that's specifically looking for different camping gear, and this has great potential.

The bottom line is that a secondary or low-cost PPC engine is one of the best tools to check the true value of your keyphrases, so take advantage of it for your business. Here was an article about website search engine optimization Tips for Achieving the Highest Roi, hopefully useful, there must be a lot of shortcomings contained in this article, we humbly please be advised to make a better article in the future.